Monday, 20 January 2014

THE JANUARY 600k Challenge

On the 1st Jan I signed up for the STRAVA 600k in January cchallenge never even expecting I'd have a chance, especially as it's the month I reach the grand old age of 55y! But...the waethers been fine, my health has been good, and I've managed seven decent rides getting me to 413k with 11 days to go (but only one weekend). So if I can keep going I can hit this amazing, for me, target!

Monday, 6 January 2014

5/1/14 the year starts....

As weather fine & I had a few days off decided to head out solo on Thu 2/1/14. My mind was filled with memories of my Dad who would have been 92y that day. Sadly he died in 2005...but I chuckled to myself as I remembered how wound up he got about fixing punctures..."Ruddy thing!!!" he'd curse. I love the descent out of Naseby and into Cottesbrooke...feels very remote 36.9m @ 15.2mph CLUB RUN 11 5/1/14 Been a terrific winter for the Club Runs. Week after week it's been fine & dry on Sundays with shit weather on Monday mornings!! This week we were 7 & had a new fella along. He started with a puncture in the 1st mile, then had a wobbly wheel. Then on the descent into Droughton there was some frozen areas and 'whoosh' he slipped off. We jioked that we were letting the new guy be 'pathfinder' as we hung back!! To his credit he got up and carried on without complaint. As we came back towards kettering I had decided I wished to do 50m+ so Mick & I headed off to loop through Corby, and check out how the new road was progressing (slowly and wet!) and home via Geddington.
Legs felt good so headed on alone out to Woodford after splitting from Mick (who headed back to Desborough). Terrific long ride (for me!) 56m @ 14.8mph

Monday, 30 December 2013

Review of 2013 and Plans for 2014 .....2740 miles completed

No entries this year but I was out cycling most weeks.
Saving the details via the STRAVA App.
Plan to start blogging again as we head into 2014....

2013 - enthusiasm as strong as ever. Plenty of solo rides and enjoying the KCC Club Runs

Hoping to pass that elusive 3000 miles for the year
I hope to ride the rideLondon100 again

Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Snowdrop Audax 16th february 2013

Thanks do DooGood for the great photo.
A misty start and cold day, but not as cold as previous years - still not cold enough for Simes to wear leggings!
...more when I get time

january 2013

Hello - I haven't gone away!
january pretty cold and snowbound but I managed to achieve my 100 mile target through a few KCC Sunday am Club runs with Roger and the boys.
No major rides but excitely awaiting the result of my application for the rideLondon100 ride in August.
If I get in that'll be my focus for the year.
Next months the annual meet up with the LEJOG boys on the Snowdrop audax.
Jan 111miles

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Cycles booked
16/2/13 - Snowdrop (short-cut) AUDAX - meet the boys (Tractor/Doogood/Simes etc)
3/3/13 - MadMarchHare
16/3/13 - No Excuses (Wiggle series)
21/4/13 - KILOTOGO Cornwall Coast
16/6/13 - Wiggle FRENCH REVOLUTION

Cyles I hope to do
1/6/13 - Norwich 100m
23/6/13 - KILOTOGOFlat out on the Fens  maybe 112m this year!
13//4-7/13 - BHF Night Cycle - London to Brighton
4/8/13 - RIDELONDON100 - I hope I succeed in the ballot
1/9/13 - manchester 100 - hope i can finally make this one
+ many others in my diary, one or two of which I hope to make

December...race to 2500 miles...

Club Run. A cold and frosty one but again under clear blue skies. We headed east out past Woodford Denford and on to Kimbolton. At this point I was lagging behind the other four, including young Hamish.
The hill up out of Kimbolton was a killer but we were soon speeding westards along the somewhat drab Bedfordshire open road through the pretty Yeldon.
At this point Hamish's batteries ran out and at Higham Ferrers he rang home for rescue.
With tired legs in the biting cold we pressed on.
45m ~3h @~15mph (didnt have garmin)
9/12/12 and 19/12/12
Only time for a short ride these days. Did the Harrington loop in 1h06m and  1h 04m respectively

TOTAL FOR 2012 - 2485m  15m to go...can I do it?? Might have to go out on Christmas Day!!!